Launching A Successful Affiliate Review Site
Seems Easy Enough. And For A Few, It Is.

But Most People FAIL MISERABLY (See Why Below).

Fortunately For You, You're About To Learn, Step By Step,
How To Avoid Their Costly, Profit-Killing Mistakes.

And You'll Get A Head-Turning Review Site Absolutely FREE!

Hi. My name is Stephen Carter. I am a software developer and an internet marketer, and before I get carried away and convince you that you don't have the slighest hope of launching your own profitable affiliate review site, let me assure you this is not true.

Not only is it possible, but thousands of affiliates have figured out how to make the review site model work for them. Some affiliates are pulling down a seven figure annual income, and a good fraction of their wealth can be attributed to harnessing the power of reviews.

Having said that, the reality is that tens of thousands of affiliates have been completely ineffectual in their review-based marketing efforts. Yes, there is big money to be made here. But, let's face it, if the exact steps that lead to success were obvious then we would all succeed in our first year of marketing. That wasn't the case for me, and I'm guessing it's not the case for you either.

For most of us, overnight success just does not happen. And it doesn't really matter how smart you are, or how hard you work. Affiliate marketing is one of those areas where it is just too darn easy to screw up. If you want to succeed, if you want to make real money, then you need to learn from other people's mistakes before you ever get the chance to repeat them yourself.

Now, I can't stop you from making every easily avoidable mistake there is to make when you run your affiliate business. But if you are going to be building review sites I can stop you from making those mistakes that will put your business down before you even realize that you have a problem.

So, if you have neither the time nor the money to risk building your review sites the wrong way, then you need to know what I know about creating profitable review sites.

But I'm not going to just tell you what you should be doing to succeed. I am going to make sure you get off on the right foot by giving you some finely-crafted review software that you can use to get started today - and it won't cost you a SINGLE penny.

You'll Instantly Be Able To Create Pages Like These!

  • Using this attractive home page you'll immediately set a tone of authority for your niche. Visitors will be able to choose between reading reviews, comparing products directly, and checking out your articles. There's even a list-building form built in which dispenses downloadable gifts!

  • Your product comparison pages will offer immediate at-a-glance summaries of every aspect you have deemed important for your niche - all automatically tabulated and formatted for easy viewing. Better yet, the highest rated product gets special highlighting for increased conversions!

  • Present your review of a product with a simple format that includes pros, cons, and an overall rating. You can make your review as involved or a brief as you see fit. Need more fields to characterize the product? No problem. Add as many custom fields as you like.

  • Need to add articles to improve your SEO footprint? It's a great way to add authority to your Review Site. Simply load your text and instantly your articles will be attractively formatted and SEO optimized for increased traffic and search engine ranking.

  • Maybe I should have stopped there, but I went one step further. These days everyone seems to have a blog, so I figured you might like that option too. So, if you want to run a WordPress blog I have made it exceptionally easy to integrate your blog into the rest of your Review Site pages. Load the supplied Review Site theme into your WordPress themes directory and you're done. Completely seamless!

    Hosting Platform Requirements
    Apache Web Server
    MySQL Database
    PHP + Perl

    If I'm going to be honest about this, I'd have to tell you that I had no intention of adding any bonuses when I wrote Launch Your Own Affiliate Review Site Monopoly. Most bonuses given away with ebooks are junk. I knew the book would be of extremely high quality by the time it was finished, and it would stand on its own.

    But during the course of writing the book Jeremy Palmer's Black Ink Project launched, and I ended up following it. As I watched Jeremy put together an affiliate review site from scratch it dawned on me that I could automate the exact process in software and significantly cut both the cost and launch time associated with the construction of mini affiliate review sites.

    This is not merely convenient. If you are just starting out as an affiliate the amount of work required just to outsource a project successfully, let alone do the work yourself, can be daunting. Where do you find a reliable developer? Will you even know if the delivered result is good, or a piece of junk? If you are a total newbie to affiliate marketing, you will very likely discover that these are complete roadblocks to your success. Not only will you not succeed, you can't even get started.

    As I watched the development of the Black Ink Project it became more and more apparent that none of this is easy for newcomers. If there was just a way to get started without having to learn the slew of skills required to create that first profitable affiliate web site. If there was just a push-button solution to all this... Well, that would really be helpful, wouldn't it?

    I realized that if I offered that as a bonus, it would not only improve the perceived value of my offering, it could significantly improve the actual value. And that's exactly what happened. I ended up designing a little gem of a software tool that every affiliate marketer should have within their reach.

    Forget about having to pay someone a $1000 or more each time you want a new niched review site created for you. Nor do you need to worry about having to get the details right when you have never done this before. With Review Site you bypass those headaches entirely.

    Not only do you save BIG TIME on your budget, but you won't have to wait a month or more to see whether the project you submitted is going to pan out the way you hoped it would. That's no fun at all - especially when it turns out that you actually won't be getting what you thought you paid for. As a matter of fact, Jeremy Palmer found this out the hard way during the course of his Black Ink Project, and he had been outsourcing projects for years. It can happen to anyone, and it happens all the time.

    But this need not happen to you. With my mini Review Site software at your disposal, you'll be able to build your niched affiliate review sites cheaply and without any of the risk that normally goes with these projects.

    That statement might sound a little disengenous given that so many products these days manage to insert Google into their product name for instant marketing appeal. But in this case the software actually does have its roots in Google's growing disdain for thin affiliate landing pages. If you are an affiliate, then this is a problem that affects you directly. A BIG problem.

    Looks great, but Google hated this site!
    Let me tell you briefly about how a little tiff in early 2008 between Google and one of the most accomplished super affiliates of our time lead to the development of my Review Site software.

    Jeremy Palmer had been building successful affiliate landing pages for years. In fact, he had made a boat load of money with Google AdWords. His strategy was to purchase traffic and send it to his landing pages, where he would present nicely designed content that summarized the offerings of the merchants he promoted. Sites like this one: Listen To Rhapsody.

    For a while, this Rhapsody site was a tremendously successful campaign for Jeremy. It features great web design that compels the visitor to click through to the merchant's offering. But Google eventually decided that Jeremy simply wasn't offering enough visitor value and it threatened to deactivate his account immediately if he continued building sites in the Rhapsody model!

    Now, if you aren't shocked by that, you should be. Jeremy was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on Google AdWords, and apparently that didn't count for squat. Well, Jeremy's no fool. He knew that in this David vs Goliath fight Goliath was always going to win. So instead of sticking to his guns Jeremy changed his strategy and started building sites designed specifically to please Google. His Black Ink Project 2.0 was a direct manifestation of this change in strategy.

    These days his goal is to build sites that Google considers to be packed with visitor value. These are sites that include: multiple products which are compared side by side, multiple reviews to profile these products individually, and articles that cover the same niche. In short, a selection of material that offers the visitor choices.

    Are these sites more difficult to build than the single-landing page model sites of the past? You bet they are! But that's now part of the cost of doing business with Google if you want to be a successful landing page affiliate.

    Of course, there are thousands of affiliates who are still building single-landing page sites who are managing to skate past these new restrictions. But one day Google will notice them, and just like Jeremy Palmer, they will wake to find the kind of nasty cease and desist email that caused him to drastically change course with his affiliate marketing strategy.

    When I learned about this, while following Jeremy's Black Ink Project 2.0, I was struck by just how much work is required to get these new affiliate review sites off the ground. For beginning affiliates this is a HUGE obstacle to progress. So to cut a long story short, I developed my Review Site software so that you can create these niched affiliate review sites without needing to know how to build them from scratch, or pay someone to do it for you.

    And now I'm going to GIVE YOU that exact software...

    The Affiliate Review Site Monopoly Limited Edition BONUS:

    NOW $297 $127 FREE! While This Offer Lasts

    Perhaps the greatest impediment for most affiliates hoping to create review sites that sell is that they simply don't have the skill or the knowledge to create web pages that convert. Period.

    Not only do you need to be able to write great web copy, but your pages need to look like they were put together by someone who has a clue. The book will help you with the former problem, this software will help you with the second.

    The fact is, the web is just getting more sophisticated every day. You need to keep up.

    Now I'm not going to tell you that I only have 75 copies to give away as a free bonus. The truth is I'll likely remove the bonus as soon as I discover that people are refusing to read the user manual and are overloading me with questions about why they're having trouble getting started. But knowing the way customers behave, that could be tomorrow!

    If you want to guarantee your free copy of Review Site, you need to act today.

    This is an EXCLUSIVE Offer You Can Get Nowhere Else!

    Yes, I might be giving away the software (for now), but I want to make clear that this is the ONLY place on the web that you can pick up a copy of Review Site, and if I decide to pull the plug it will be gone for good.

    Believe me, I've done it before, and my beta testers said I was crazy for doing this, so I recommend you grab your copy before I revise my marketing strategy.



    You won't have to go looking for templates to build your review pages.

    Review Site will create your pages for you, and present your content in neatly laid-out pages that look like they were put together by a professional designer. You really don't need to know ANY HTML at all. Just add your content to the administrative interface and go.

    You could easily create a new site within 24 hours.

    You won't find yourself second guessing your site design. Built upon concepts epoused in The Black Ink Project, Review Site is a marketing platform solid from the ground up.

    Keep in mind that Review Site is built around an affiliate marketing model championed by one of the best known super affiliates in the internet marketing industry. Jeremy Palmer brings in more than $1,000,000 in affiliate revenue every year, and his advice has shaped the core of this software.

    The beauty of using Review Site lies in its ease of implementation, and in the inherent value of the content it provides visitors. You can identify new markets, and even existing ones, and feel confident in your ability to compete with extremely low overhead.

    And because the system is so new you'll gain immediate first mover advantage.

    You needn't worry about finding yourself boxed into a corner with Review Site because its display options turn out to be too limited for the niche you have in mind.

    In fact, we know that no matter what the niche is that you target, it's going to have its own unique characteristics. But that's no problem. You can add new fields, populate them, and have them display in the templates with very little work on your part. Flexibility is a key element of the Review Site design.

    Adding your blog to another application can often be a time-consuming and frustrating process. But not here.

    If your blogging application of choice happens to be WordPress you can use a special Review Site-flavored WordPress theme to instantly have your WordPress blog look like the rest of your Review Site.

    Your visitors not only gain from the reviews and articles you provide, but by adding suitable product comparison columns you can have a product comparison page automatically generated for you, showing the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of your reviewed products at a glance.

    Perfect for influencing people who only have time to scan your pages.

    We all know that some people just hate clicking on anything that looks like it might be an affiliate link. Well, that's never going to be a problem for you, since every Review Site link looks like it leads to a plain old static HTML file.

    Check out the demo. Can you find anything that looks like an affiliate link? Not easy, is it? It's pure stealth, for maximum conversions.

    In the long term you want your Review Site pages to be noticed by the search engines, and you want people to be able to link to them with ease. With that idea in mind, every page is uniquely and semantically named after the review or article that it contains. Every page title and meta description tag is guaranteed to be both unique and meaningful.

    So you can relax, and enjoy the extra long-term traffic. Your pages are perfectly optimized for the search engines.

    Add 10 articles to your Review Site. Or add a hundred. It's easy.

    Articles increase the level of authority that your site will enjoy, and this ultimately translates into traffic and sales. Because of this articles get the same level of prominence as reviews on your site, and you can add as many as you like.

    If you'd like to use pay per click advertising to bring traffic to your Review Site you can switch to landing page mode on the fly. This allows you to convert your review pages into landing pages with great Quality Scores by working smart and dynamically inserting content into your landing pages based on the campaign that triggered the click through.

    You can even add tracking variables to your campaigns and have the tracking carried all the way through to merchant home pages.

    Not only do you get review, comparison, and article pages when you deploy Review Site, you actually get an entire web site.

    In addition to an About Us and Privacy page, you'll have a functioning Contact Us page which allows visitors to send you a message. There's a Search Engine that looks for keyword matches in your reviews and articles too. There's even a Sitemap page and a command-line script that allows you to build a sitemap file for submission to Google so you can be indexed in no time at all.

    In short, you have all the things that Google and the other search engines expect to find in a real web site. The ONLY way you could be penalized as a thin affiliate when you use Review Site is if you decided to purposely not add content!

    I cheated when I created Review Site. I didn't program the entire thing from scratch. I pulled in the back end from another one of my applications years in the making.

    It was a BIG savings in time and money, and it makes adding new records in the system incredibly easy once you get the proper instruction. So I have provided that in the form of a comprehensive user manual. Here, you can take a look right now.

    If you can read, you can definitely figure out how to exploit Review Site to its maximum potential. I have provided copious instructions and held back nothing.

    When I set out to create Review Site I had no idea that it would turn out as good as it has. So I'd be crazy not to sell it. And that's exactly what I intend to do.

    But right now, today, you can get a free copy as a bonus for purchasing my ebook. So take advantage of this offer before I come to my senses!

    Review sites abound on the web. Or at least sites that PURPORT to be review sites abound.

    The truth is that 90 percent of these sites are pure junk. They are created by affiliates who hope to make a quick buck by tossing up a page that presells a product to someone who already has their wallet in hand.

    The real problem is that these affiliates usually don't even acquire the products they supposedly have reviewed. They simply regurgitate some of the sales copy provided by the merchant and think that will be enough. To sweeten the deal they offer bonuses. That's not surprising. It's ten times more work to review a product than it is to offer a bonus as an incentive to buy.

    The end result? You can visit ten of these sites, read every review for a given product, and you still won't have any understanding of how the product works or what its component parts are.

    Do you think this nonsense is going to result in a sale? Of course not. Buyers simply skip from one site to the next looking for better information before they commit to a purchase. The affiliate who actually gets the sale is almost always the one who has done their homework and convinced the buyer that they now have all the information they need to make a buying decision.

    The prevalence of this dreck hasn't escaped Google's notice either. Affiliates who build these thin sites eventually wake up to find that their sites have been slapped and their traffic disappeared. If you don't want to be continually building web properties that have the shelf life of a snowman in July you need to adjust to the new reality of building sustainable review sites that offer visitors real value and charm the search engines.

    It really isn't rocket science, and in Launch Your Own Affiliate Review Site Monopoly I'll reveal all the approaches you can take to putting together review sites that sell. Sure, you'll probably end up doing a little more work than if you decided to go the classic thin affiliate route. On the plus side, you might actually sell stuff doing it the right way!


    I highly recommend you take a closer look

    Chris Hoyt

    This is not some silly little 10 page overview. This is a 122 page in-depth look at exactly how and why you would want to build a review website. This ebook provides actual examples showing how others have built very profitable businesses from reviewing products or services, then sharing that information with prospective buyers.

    I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to affiliate marketing, and I have to say that I was very impressed with the information that Stephen put into this ebook. He has a great way of getting your mind thinking and juices flowing so that you will literally be excited to finish the book and get started on your own site!

    I must say that I'm extremely impressed

    Rob RodenParker

    Stephen - I just bought your Affiliate Review Site Monopoly ebook with the free Review Site software and I must say that I'm extremely impressed. I got through the ebook and found it to be very informative and definitely useful - not a rehash of other ebooks, but information that I can and will definitely use... the book and software were well worth the money.

    One the most extensive ebooks I have read

    Tom Munson

    Not only is Stephen's "Affiliate Review Site Monopoly" one the most extensive ebooks that I have had the pleasure of reading, but it is also jammed full of valuable information that really turned my way of thinking around from that of a traditional affiliate marketer...

    At 122 pages, this is not a quick read like so many of the other informational products found online at only 20 to 40 pages, so you probably don't want to just read through it without coming back to the specific areas of interest to you and re-reading to get the most from the information presented. The [book] will open your eyes to the way the internet works NOW and to... what it will take to really dominate the competition in the affiliate review site arena.

    EXACTLY what we were looking for

    Bob Martin

    Stephen's Review Site software was EXACTLY what we were looking for. Nothing we looked at came close and it was going to cost us several hundred dollars to have a comparable template made. The on screen layout is perfect... everything above the fold. And the out of the box colors were just right. Once we became familiar with the records editor, creating content was a snap. We'll be using Review Site for at least 3 more sites we have planned in our series. Thanks Stephen, and Great job.

    I made sales in a couple of hours!

    Ronny Lua

    Review Site must have been one of my best purchases thus far. Sure, its not the normal price you would pay for an ebook or any learning material, but what you're getting here is well worth the money. It has all the standard features that every review site out there has, and even more. The comparison table included in the software makes the whole site look professional, and not like some shabby, shallow site that's set up by an affiliate marketer.

    I spent around a day or two setting the site up, and when I posted it up (using PPC to drive traffic to my site) I made sales in a couple of hours!

    Congratulations Stephen on coming up with this awesome software. It made my life much easier.

    [Later, after i added code to Ronny's templates to perform tracking...]

    The site has been running for a day and everything seems good. I can now see the keywords that convert for my site and I figure that would be really handy in my PPC optimization.

    You're a genius!

    I'm just tickled with the system

    Kate Rieger

    Really, I can't imagine doing this on my own without Review Site. I'm just tickled with the system and your quick support is stellar...

    As a beginner in affiliate marketing I was already overloaded with the basics of keyword research, article marketing, niche selection, and pay-per-click. Jeremy Palmer's Black Ink 2 mentoring project really helped me pull together the critical steps required for developing a money making (not money chucking) Internet marketing project. Jeremy believes in using a review or comparison site to attract more people looking to buy your promoted item than those merely looking for more information.

    Made sense to me. If you are comparing similar products, its likely you are a buyer. As I progressed through Jeremy's program I felt more confident daily that I was going do my next project right. Except for...

    the dreaded website stuff. I am not an html, php, or MySQL hack. I was actually putting off my dream because I didn't want to put a substantial chunk of my meager budget into website support. Then I found Stephen's Affiliate Review Site Monopoly.

    This was it! His software provided me the supporting structure for a review site and I didn't have to fork out much cashola for his system. Sure I had to do a bit of reading of his guide (which is easy to follow) and spend some time familiarizing myself with the system. Yup, that took about 3 hours.

    Now this isn't to say that I didn't run into a few kinks, but my emails to Stephen were responded to almost immediately - and by Stephen, not some autoresponder. His support is stellar.

    I can't imagine pulling together my Best Cat Care Insurance comparison site without the Review Site software. If you are a beginner to all this, stop stalling and try Stephen's system. Heck, if your an old hack at this stuff, try his system. Why not make it easier on yourself?

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    You don't have to purchase ANYTHING to get this application. It is my FREE gift to you for visiting my site.

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    I know what I'm supposed to do at this point in the sales letter. All the sales copy gurus would have me allude to some fabulous secrets discovered after years of toil working with review sites, which you'll have access to once you purchase the book.

    The problem is, I never believe those claims. In fact, when somebody tells me they've discovered a loophole that they've been exploiting for crazy profits I know it's a lie. I'm not going to insult your intelligence like that. Instead, I'm going to do the exact opposite of what those other guys do and simply lay out for you the entire content of the book. Crazy, right?

    Well, maybe not. Because unlike other ebook vendors who put most of their effort into writing a great sales letter to disguise the fact that their ebook content is very thin, or contains rehashed material, I am completely confident that the material I am offering here is comprehensive and unique. In fact, my book contains over 100 pages of content that you will find nowhere else.

    How can I be sure? Because I set out to write the definitive text on what it takes to create and run a successful affiliate review site. It also doesn't hurt that this is (to the best of my knowledge) the ONLY book dedicated to the subject :)

    So here it is. The complete table of contents for Launch Your Own Affiliate Review Site Monopoly...

    Take A Peek Inside Affiliate Review Site Monopoly...

    Over 100 PAGES of Unique Content!

    Table of Contents

    1. Dude, Build Me An Awesome Review Site!
      • Stand Back - The Internet Is About To POP
      • Google Is Destroying The Web
      • The Relevance Of Search Results Is Deteriorating
      • Enter The Authority Review Site Or Welcome To The Recommendation Age
      • Review Site vs Blog - Which Is Better?
      • Build Your Review Site, Or Buy It?
        • PowerReviews: Hosted Reviews For Free?
        • Bazaarvoice: Flexible Review Options For A Price
    2. Elements Of A Rocking Review Site
      • Which Of The 3 Types Of Review Site Will Yours Be?
        • 1. The Pure Authority Review Site
        • 2. The Mixed Authority/Customer Review Site
        • 3. The Pure Customer Review Site
      • Expert Reviews vs Customer Reviews
      • The Pros And Cons Of Rating Attributes
      • Why You Need To Show Anonymous Reviewers The Door
      • Fake Reviews - Don't Let Them Steal Your MOJO
      • Give Your Reviewers A Home Page
      • Case Study - Hostel Reviews
      • Adding Comparison Pages
    3. Amazing Review Sites That YOU Can Build Right Now
      • Honey? Grab The Kids. We're Going To The Beach
      • Adding Special Effects: Google Maps
      • Local Search Is HOT, HOT, HOT
      • Adding Reviews To Hobby Sites
    4. Building Review Sites For Affiliate Marketing
      • Finding A Suitable Niche
        • Single Sale Niche vs Lifeline Niche
        • Factors That Determine Niche Profitability
        • An Example Niche - Robot Reviews
        • Feeling Lazy? Get Your Niches Served On A Platter
      • Choosing The Scope Of Your Niche
      • Finding Quality Merchants To Promote
      • On Becoming An Authority
      • Promoting Information Products And Software
        • ClickBank
        • PayDotCom
        • Click2Sell
      • Promoting Physical Products
        • Building An Online Store With The Amazon Associates Web Service
      • Promoting Online Services
        • Case Study - Hotel Bookings
      • Promoting Registrations
      • Devising A Business Plan
        • SWOT Analysis - Or Business Planning For Dummies
      • How To Crowdsource The Building Of A Static Review Site
        • Crowdsourcing Advantages
        • Crowdsourcing Disadvantages
        • Case Study - Online Meeting Software
        • Case Study - Logo For Review Site
      • Writing Reviews That Sell
        • Sell It From The Top Down
        • Spell Out The Unique Selling Proposition
        • Evaluate The Unique Selling Proposition
        • Background The Problem To Understand The Solution
        • Recommend Alternative Solutions
        • Personalize Your Recommendation
        • Who Else Is Recommending This Product?
        • Don't Use A Dictionary
        • Don't Oversell It
    5. Getting Traffic To Your Review Site
      • Optimizing Your Review Pages For The Search Engines
        • The Importance Of Domain Names
        • Keywords In The URL Path
        • Page Title
        • Page Content
      • Pay Per Click Advertising And Google AdWords
        • AdWords In A Nutshell
        • Taming Your AdWords Quality Score
        • Zen And The Art Of AdWords Profitability
        • Why You Should Avoid Adsense Ads
        • How To Disguise Your Affiliate Links
      • Getting Backlinks To Your Site
        • Neurolinker
        • Linkvana
      • Harnessing The Power Of Ebook Directories
      • Optimizing Your Site For Humans
        • Using High Quality Articles
        • Writing Your Blog
    6. Final Thoughts
    7. Appendix 1: Resources
      • The Black Ink Project
      • Site Design
      • Stock Images
      • Web Hosting

    Affiliate Review Site Monopoly
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    YES, Stephen. I'm ready to find out how to build profitable affiliate review sites and save myself potentially thousands of dollars in outsourcing fees by making use of my free copy of the Review Site software.

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    While I try as hard as possible NOT to make promises on this page, here's one you can take to the bank!
    If after reading Launch Your Own Affiliate Review Site Monopoly you still don't think my book lives up to the promise, or you are dissatisfied for any reason you can simply email me to request a prompt refund.

    Seriously. If you turn out to be one of the few for whom "Affiliate Review Site Monopoly" just doesn't strike a cord, then I don't want your money.

    Of course, I have tried hard to over deliver on this product, and I think when it's in your hands you'll agree that I'm almost fanatical in my dedication to quality, because I know that's what it takes to make my customers happy.

    Either way, because I use ClickBank to process orders, and because it is their policy, the refund guarantee is good for a full 60 days.