The Ebook
This web site is home for the ebook Launch Your Own Affiliate Review Site Monopoly.

The book was written after it became apparent that few people really understand what it takes to launch a successful review site. If you want to improve your odds of running the next great review site in your chosen niche I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of the book.

Do it before you get too far into your project, as you may discover that you are going about it all wrong.

The Software
Promoted along with the ebook is the mini Review Site software, a demonstration of which can be seen on this page. The demo features generic widgets and shows how the software handles layout issues with missing data.

The current web site is also home for the commercial application Review Foundry, which is the creation of developer Stephen Carter (that's me). The parent site, from which you can currently download Review Foundry, and find a support forum for the application, is Random Mouse Software.

Review Foundry has been around since Version 1.0 was released in May, 2005. At that time it was known as Red Queen. The name was changed to Review Foundry in 2008 to better reflect the purpose of the software.

In case you are wondering about where I am based physically, it is Pasadena, California. But if there are beach babes, sun, sand, and fun to be found out here, I haven't noticed them. Sadly, I'm too busy working.

Mailing Address
C/- Random Mouse Software
P.O. Box 61251
CA 91116