To check the status of an existing Review Site installation request, do so from this page.

Use this page to order installation services for Review Site, the MINI review site application.

Note that you can install Review Site yourself, if you wish. Just follow instructions in the QUICK_INSTALL file that comes with the software. OR use this page to have the software installed for you, at a cost of US $40 (see payment options below).

If you need to order installation for the BIG Review Foundry application use this page instead.

Look over the entire page to determine what information is going to be required from you.

Then be sure to INCLUDE ALL THE REQUIRED INFORMATION before ordering installation services. If information is missing, or incorrect, you may end up going to the end of the queue.

Be sure to provide the name you used to pay your installation fee via Paypal or your credit card.

Your Full Name: 
Your Email Address:   for notification of install
Your Domain Name:   e.g. mydomain.com


Proof that you have purchased a license for the software consists of providing your ClickBank receipt ID.

Note that only ONE request for installation can be submitted per ClickBank receipt.

ClickBank Receipt ID: 


If you have yet to pay $40 for the installation, you can pay via Paypal using paypal@randommouse.com

To complete your request for a Review Site installation you need to provide
the PAYPAL Transaction ID you were provided with when you paid for the installation.

Paypal Transaction ID: 

In order to install, files will need to be uploaded to your server, so FTP login information is required.

FTP Hostname: 
FTP Username: 
FTP Password: 

Data will be stored in MySQL tables, so you will need to supply database and user login information
for a MySQL user with ALL PRIVILEGES.

MySQL Hostname: 
MySQL Database Name: 
MySQL Username: 
MySQL Password: 

It can be useful to know which web hosting company we are dealing with in case problems are encountered. Please provide the URL of the homepage for your web hosting company if you know it.

Web Host URL:   e.g. http://www.bluehost.com

Adding a message is optional.

Note: When Review Site is installed into your document root area the default directory for pages is:


If you specify an an alternate two-part path, such as /expensive/car or /quality/handbag, or whatever the niche is that you are targeting, then I can use that for the install (it is better for SEO purposes but not essential).