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Date: Sunday, November 23, 2014
From: Stephen Carter
Re: Version 2.08 - Finally Released!
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You can grab a trial copy of the software from my main site. Simply register as a member of the support forum and you will be able to evaluate Review Foundry for 30 days.

If you decide Review Foundry is not for you, no problem. You will have spent nothing.


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Review Foundry is EASY to install.

But if you prefer, same-day installation is offered for $60 US. Register first, then use the installation page to send to your domain name, MySQL server, and FTP details.


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Customize your Review Foundry installation and turn your web site into an authority review location that provides real value to your users.

The number one way to sell on the web today is to use reviews.

When you add *honest* editorial recommendations to your site, you create an air of authority.

When you also throw in real reviews from your site users you create an air of trustworthiness.

Separately, these two review types are useful to consumers. But when combined, they sell. Big time.

If you have been squandering your marketing efforts by offering just one type of review, you need to fix that immediately.

I have decided to raise the price of a Review Foundry license by $1000. The first increase began March 1st.

To avoid the additional licensing fees I recommend you get your key as soon as you know that Review Foundry is what you are looking for. You can download Review Foundry from my main site and try it out for 30 days. See the licensing details for this month's pricing.

Unique content is absolutely vital to the success of your online business, no matter whether you are a vendor, an affiliate, or a regular webmaster looking to carve out your selected niche. The search engines require fresh content, so if you cannot provide it on a regular basis your business will tank. Yes, you can write like a maniac to your blog. But for how long?

What if you could write once, and then get others to chime in with their carefully considered opinions? And what if the content just kept coming, day after day, week after week...

You think you could turn that kind of cost-free, unique content into more backlinks to your site, more traffic, more chances to sell, and ultimately more money for you?

Of course you could. Harnessing the power of reviews is a complete no-brainer!

Example Review Layout
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
This guy is the real thing, March 13, 2004
Reviewer: David from Florence, IT

Pros: He tells it like it is
Cons: Not much, he's usually on the ball

David saw things this way
Game Expertise  
Rule Knowledgeability  
Would Recommend  

I have been following Joe's game commentary for years and I can vouch for his track record of integrity and accuracy. He really puts some thought into his win predictions, and he is not afraid to back up his claims with solid statistics.
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Yes it's a Web 2.0 world and everyone has to have their say. They want their voices to be heard directly on your site. The trouble is, you're not doing it. Or if you are, you're doing it badly, otherwise you would not be here wondering why your competition is able to grab the traffic while your business is being steadily eroded, obseleted, and is looking more every day like it is slated for oblivion.

So what's the answer? How do you breathe life into your business?

Actually, the solution is very simple. If you want your visitors to return to your site time and time again then you must give them what they are looking for and you need to show them that there will be more of it the next time they return. It's that simple.

Downloadable files, ebooks, articles, editorials, blogs, and customer reviews are just some of the things that visitors are searching for on your site. They are all important. But only customer reviews are going to write themselves. If you have been knocking yourself out creating new content, while your competition is reaping the benefits of user-submitted reviews, then yes, of course they have an advantage over you. Who wouldn't?

Sure, it takes more than just a good piece of review software to gain the upper hand. But choosing the right software will help you to focus on the tasks at hand. If you want to be recognized as the authority review site in your niche, Review Foundry can help you with that.

If you aren't sure you need to be the authority site in your niche, there is a very good chance you will end up being one of the 99 out of every 100 new businesses on the web which are crushed because they fail to appreciate the severity of the competition they are going up against.

If you want to give yourself a serious edge on the competition, become the authority site that people turn to for answers. In an age where deception is so widespread, people are becoming increasingly desperate for quality information. This makes the authority review site invaluable.

In fact, there is a growing consensus among internet marketers that only authority sites with rock solid information content are going to be able to survive the explosion of competition in the years ahead. Building a quality customer review section on your site can therefore play a crucial role in your strategy for not only success, but survival.

You remember the scene. Will Smith dons a pair of opaque sunglasses in Men In Black and turns to Tommy Lee Jones. "The difference between you and me," he says, "is that I make this look good."

This is exactly what happens when you take advantage of the knockout optional features supported by Review Foundry.

For example, it's not just a review application. You can use it to offer your visitors on-the-fly product comparisons. Add your own comparison fields, spruce up the customizable templates, and bam, you have pages that just plain look gooood!

Example Comparison of Children's Animated DVDs

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If you have pre-schoolers in the house your best bet is to treat them to Monsters Inc. They'll be sure to watch it time and again.

For kids between 5 and 10 the more complex storylines of The Incredibles and The Iron Giant will keep them glued to the screen.

While The Incredibles will provide a thrill a minute, it is the timeless storyline of The Iron Giant that you and your kids will find hard to forget. A true classic. 
Monsters Inc.
The Incredibles
The Iron Giant



Rating: 4.40 out of 5
read reviews
Rating: 4.62 out of 5
read reviews
Rating: 4.44 out of 5
read reviews
  Find out what happens when the orderly world of Monsters is thrown into jeopardy by a small child who accidentally breaches the monster-human boundary and causes monster mayhem.     Superhero's are a retired bred. That is, until the day one of them is forced out of retirement by a wannabee sidekick with a score to settle and a dastardly plan to prove his evil genius.     Something came down in the night, and now one boy is determined to make sure it stays hidden from the snooping army investigator who would surely destroy it.  
 Price      $19.99         $19.99         $9.99    
 Year Of Release      2001         2004         1999    
 Run Time      93 minutes         115 minutes         86 minutes    
 Studio      Disney/Pixar         Walt Disney Home Entertainment         Warner Home Video    
 Sales Rank      241         550         1,627    
 Language    English     English
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If you want to be noticed, you do it a little differently than the next guy. If he displays his records in a plain old (boring) vertical list, you can command some attention by tiling your records vertically across the page.

Review Foundry recognizes that you ought to be able to go as far as you like with your customization efforts. If you want to create something that looks nothing like the next guy's implementation of Foundry, then you can do just that. No, it won't be easy, but it will be possible - just like anything else in life that is worth doing right.

Example Record Tiling

November 7, 2007
July 22, 2007
December 14, 2007
Average Rating:  4.00 of 5.00
Average Rating:  5.00 of 5.00
Average Rating:  3.00 of 5.00
Reviewer: Stephen
Reviewer: Thomas
Reviewer: Susan
Pros:   Simple Design
Cons:   Kind Of Boring
Pros:   Perfect Execution
Cons:   None
Pros:   Rather Funny
Cons:   Feel I'm Being Watched


so robust and flexible

Kevin Gosselin

I've been so impressed with your product. You made this so robust and flexible it constantly amazes me.


surpassed my expectations

Samuel J. Tucker

Stephen, let me say -- I am impressed. Review Foundry has surpassed my expectations. It is robust, comprehensive and incredibly customizable. Combine that with top notch tech support, and it is a gem I'd like to keep all to myself. The whole festival review directory is an added bonus that we weren't expecting from Review Foundry. Over time I wouldn't be surprised if it is more popular than the film review component. Great script. Very Impressive! Can't say that enough.


an excellent product

Martin Smith

I dread to think how many hours you've put in to deliver this level of functionality and integration. I had been looking for review software for months and only went forward when I found an excellent product in Review Foundry.


really does kill the competition

William Perks

Stephen, I have tried every other review script out there, and I mean every one. Yours really does kill the competition. Great work on the script and especially the documentation. I wish more software was like this.


most comprehensive and user friendly

Danielle Stanley

It was critical to the success of Gift Ideas Galore that we were able to interact and build confidence with our clients efficiently via a review service. Review Foundry met all of our criteria, to include facilities which were lacking from many of the alternatives we considered.

We were also impressed with the flexibility of the script, which allowed us to adapt it to our specific requirements whilst also allowing the option to develop further as our needs increased. At the same time Review Foundry is low maintenance, customer friendly but also gives us valuable data, allowing us to understand more about our clients' preferences and requirements.

We work in an extremely competitive industry which is time critical. Review Foundry allowed us to progress far more quickly and contains numerous features that will assist us as our business develops. In our opinion, it is the most comprehensive and user friendly option currently on the market.


an outstanding review engine

Jacob Mays

This site has been a dream of mine for almost 6 years. I kick myself sometimes for throwing thousands of dollars away on designers who spent 8 months building a site that doesn't work, when I could have bought Review Foundry and launched months ago. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Several months later...

Hi Stephen. My site got picked up by Forbes.com and I just wanted to say thank you for creating an outstanding review engine and thank you for superb customer service. Keep up the good work.



Note: The licensing cost of a key is currently increasing monthly by about $100 (so the cheapest time to get a key is before the end of the month).
With Powered By   $552  

The standard Review Foundry key displays a powered by link at the bottom of public pages. The key has no expiry date.

Without Powered By   $784  

You can also elect to purchase a Review Foundry key which removes the powered by notices. This is also a non expiring key.

Without Powered By Upgrade   $232  

If you purchase a key which displays the powered by notices and later decide you wish to remove those notices, you may upgrade your key by paying an additional fee.

The cost of this non expiring upgrade key represents the difference in price for the powered by and non powered by keys.

If you are still wondering whether it is worth a couple of hours of your time to download and install Review Foundry, then maybe it is time to refer you to the Review Foundry user manual so you can get a better idea of the capabilities of the program.

Take a look at the Review Foundry tutorials if you need a quick overview of the kinds of things that might interest you, like setting up RSS feeds for all the items you intend to review, or adding Google Maps if it is places, or businesses, that you will be reviewing.

You'll find that you can also add audio and video files to your review pages and setup small galleries, as shown below. But these features are secondary to the core purpose for which Review Foundry was designed - to collect reviews.

Example Detail Page For Reviewable Artist Gallery

Peer Reviews For:
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Average Rating based on 1 Review
Commercial Appeal 

Compared to averages for similiar artists
Commerical Appeal 

rlucci's artistry evokes the ghost of Patrick Nagel, and suggests that the style which graced the pages of Playboy in the 70's still has a place in the 21st century.

Last Update: May 14, 2004

Member Profile

Homepage: http://www.rlucci.com/

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Portent of things to come!, June 12, 2005
Reviewer: David from Florence, IT

Pros: Best technical execution I've seen
Cons: Lacking in originality

David saw things this way
Commercial Appeal  

There is no doubt in my mind that rlucci is the logical successor to Nagel. He has perfected the style which Nagel cultivated so successfully, and with such originality. Despite the fact that rlucci's works are digital and not the wet canvas work of Nagel, they are nonetheless striking. The only thing holding this artist back, in my opinion, is that he has yet to apply his talent to an untouched area of expression. If rlucci's Nagel style was applied to the depiction of, say, atheletes in motion, I believe the results could be truly innovative and provide material worthy of study by artists to follow.
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